Nov 20, 2013

Gumbo: A Taste of a New Orleans

One weekend my family and I decided to try out Gumbo and since I am a Citibank Card holder and that time they have this promo to get a 50% off when you dine in and spend for a minimum of 2,500. So we headed to SM Megamall branch to have lunch.

The ambiance of the restaurant is quite relaxing and the uniform of their waiters is nice and attractive. By the way I already did my assignment before we went there so I already have an idea on what to order and what is their best seller. Here are the food that we ordered.

bread with garlic in olive oil

Seafood Jambalaya

Family Feast
The bread with garlic in olive oil is actually an appetizer that is free. It is being served while you are waiting for your food. But I am not sure if the number of bread that will be served depends on number of persons in the table. Nothing is special for with this bread though it is free so nothing to complain about :)

One of the best seller that I really did not want to miss is their Seafood Jambalaya. This food is actually one of my favorite now with them I really love the taste of the rice itself there is something on the taste that make it special plus the seafood on top of it is generous enough. By the way, just a trivia everytime there is a customer will order this Seafood Jambalaya all their crew will say "aaahh jambalaya" in a different tone.

For the Family Feast which consists of Bourbon-style barbecue ribs, cream dory fish batter, kebab shrimp and honey glazed chicken. Its delicious but I can say there are some restaurant that has a better taste than them.

But still overall we enjoyed eating in Gumbo we went out full and satisfied. For sure I will come back in this restaurant and hopefully with another promo from Citibank. :)

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