Jun 11, 2013

Hainanese Delights

It was Sunday, a family day so we decided to have our lunch at Hainanese Delights since my mom really loves chicken. The first thing that I always look for in a restaurant menu is if they have group meals because at some point you could be able to save some bucks and can be able to try most of their dishes. Fortunately, they have group meals available which cost around P777 which is good for 4 person with drinks too. You can even choose how your chicken to be cooked either steam or fried. I choose the steam one or they called it White Chicken so we could taste the hainanese chicken which is their best seller.

I noticed that each table they have the 3 condiments available namely soy sauce, ginger and chilli sauce which you can choose that really blends very well with their chicken.

3 condiments
 Their family meal for 4 person consists of the following dishes; Chapchae, Pork Dumplings, Tofu with Mixed Vegetables and Take the Cake (Radish cake) with Unlimited Hainan rice and Iced Tea.

Tofu with Mixed Vegetables

Pork Dumplings

White Whole Chicken

Take the Cake (Radish Cake)


Overall, we are all satisfied with the meal. We were able to satisfy our hunger with the meal served. If you are really a rice lover then this meal would really for your family. For sure we will come back here to try the their fried chicken. How about you? How's your experience in Hainanses Delights? Please share it the comments box below.

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