Apr 28, 2013

Flavours of China

My mom, my sister and I decided to have our lunch at the mall since it was Easter Sunday and we came across this Chinese restaurant that I am interested to taste their food because I want see how authentic their Chinese food is. Though I am not Chinese guy but I fond of eating Chinese foods so I can compare the taste with the others.

Upon entering the restaurant there are quite number of customers having their lunch and we are able to look for a good table for the 3 of us. The waiter gave us their menu and my attention got caught by their group package (Family Bundle) and since I'm not in the mood to choose in the menu I just decided to order their group package. Unfortunately, the one the we ordered is not available because the Crispy Pata is out of stock so we don't have a choice but to choose the other one with half Chinese Fried Chicken for 999 pesos that is good for 4 person.

At first we are all very excited with what we ordered even though that is not our first choice. Since we are hungry so we still feel the cravings for it. They first served our drink a pitcher of a soft drink and small bowl of Shrimp crackers that we can eat while we are waiting for our food. The foods came in Spicy Squid head, Sweet and Sour pork, Fresh Lumpia , Chamisua noodles and the half Tasty Flavour Fried Chicken.

Pitcher of Mountain Dew

Shrimp Crackers

The Spicy Squid Head is the one I most like because of the vinegar the blends well with the squid head though its not that spicy. The Sweet and Sour Pork is just an ordinary taste of it but I will love it too because that's one of my favorites though it's a little bit fatty. There is nothing special with taste of their Fresh Lumpia and their Chamisua noodles is so oily but the most disappointing of all is the Tasty Flavour Fried Chicken because we are expecting for it to be a whole and they just give us a half of it. We know it's our fault because we didn't recognize in their menu that it is just half but still the serving size is very much disappointing.

Spicy Squid Head

Sweet and Sour Pork

Tasty Flavour Fried Chicken

Overall, the food is not that great. We can still taste the Chinese authenticity but I would say that there is much better Chinese restaurant than this. If I will eat here again? Let me think about it.. just kidding. yes , I will eat again because I want to try out their Lauriat version. By the way, did I mention that they have this unlimited yang chow fried rice promo? Yes you can avail it for just 45 pesos.

How about you any experience with this dining in this Chinese restaurant? Please share it in the comment box below.

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