Apr 28, 2013

Max's Giant Halo Halo

I had a reunion with my college friends we are thinking what snack should we eat though we are still not that hungry because of the lunch we had. I suggested to try the Halo halo of Max since it was summer and the coffee shops are full so we all agreed to try it.

It was truly a giant halo halo and it can be eaten by 4 to 6 people depending on the appetite of the person. It has ice cream scoops, wafer sticks and of course the ingredients of the halo halo with Leche Flan and Ube. Since we feel that the milk is not enough so we ask the waiter if we can have additional milk.

Giant Halo Halo

The halo halo is so refreshing but there is nothing much special with it. It taste good, its just that you are eating a halo halo that you bought in your village that just have ice cream on top. For me, for 420 the giant halo halo is a little bit expensive. The price is not worth it for the taste but in terms of serving it's fair enough.

Have you tried this refreshing dessert? please share your comments below.

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