Apr 18, 2013

Bibimbob by Mr Kimbob

My sister and I meet in SM Megamall, since it was already lunch so we just decided to take a lunch first before we go for a shopping. Since our meeting place is in the food court and we don't want to go far because we are already hungry we decided to eat in food court. I don't have any food coming in my mind that I am craving for and same thing with my sister so just tour around the food court to see each food stall and we noticed one food stall that has a long line which is the Bibimbob. It is a Korean food chain that has a best seller of Bibimbob. You can choose if you want beef, pork or chicken as the main dish together with mixed vegetables, kimchi and a sunny side up egg on top of rice. Based on my observation, most of their customers choose the beef one so I decided to try it too. This Bibimbob dish comes in to two sizes the regular and large one. My sister and I just go with the regular one as both of us are in a diet :).

It was serve in a sizzling plate with a paper wrapped around the side to protect the customer being burned. The serving size doesn't really disappoint me and the taste is so good especially if you add hot sauce (for hot and spicy lover). The vegetable mix and the beef really well complement to the egg and kimchi. The beef is so soft and tasty that you would love to eat it alone.

I would really recommend this dish as it is a healthy, tasty, delicious and affordable for a price of 99 pesos. The serving size is fair enough for the price. For sure, I will come back again and try their other Korean dishes.

How about you, did you try eating in this food chain? Please share your comments below.

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