Mar 25, 2013

Bigoli Restorante

Finally, after a couple of visit on this italian restaurant/fast food I was able to take a photo of the foods I ordered. Bigoli has only two branches for now one in Trinoma and the other one was in Eastwood City Libis.

If you are a pasta lover for sure this Bigoli restaurant will be added in your Italian resto list. At first glance you  would thought this resto has a very expensive food price. I told in my intro that this is a restaurant/fast food because of the way you will order is like you are in fast food chain where in you need to fall in line for your order and the menu was displayed in front of you together with their price.

There a lot of food that you can choose from pasta, pizza, rice and desserts. They also have combo meals with iced tea or a chicken or fish fillet partnered with your pasta or rice. One that make this resto unique from the other is that in every ordered pasta it comes with unlimited garlic bread (stick) that is really good in taste. They also offer unlimited drinks in which is self service so you can try all the drinks if you want to taste it all anytime you want. I can't remember if there's a resto that serve like this nowadays the last food chain I remembered that has this way is Burger King in which they don't have it now.

The price of the foods is very affordable and the serving size is very generous enough to fill in your appetite. Of course, the taste doesn't compensate with the cheap price they offer. For me, Spaghetti and Fettucine Carbonara taste like the ordinary pasta what I truly love here is there Lasagna and the Spaghetti Al Pesto . Probably next time I would like to try the other pasta. :) Their chicken is good as well in which some of my friend told me that their fried chicken is much better than the other Chicken food chain because it is really tasty crunchy  and juicy. They also have the Stromboli (Rolled Pizza) that comes with a pasta sauce for the dipping that blends well. The only downside which disappoint me is that it doesn't have the other toppings like bell pepper, pineapple or onion and even the meat is not that much, there are even some Stromboli which doesn't have a meat at all to think that we ordered the ultimate beef in which we are expecting to have it more beef than the regular one.

Spaghetti Al Pesto with Fried Chicken

Ultimate Beef Stromboli (140php)

Spaghetti Al Pesto with 2 pcs  Fried Chicken (185php)

Stromboli with beef and cheese

Stromboli with no beef :(

The ambiance of the resto/fast food is not that truly Italian way but still you would feel relax and comfortable while you are enjoying eating your pasta partnered with garlic sticks.

Overall, my experience eating is very much satisfied because I really got more than what I paid for. From the serving size to the taste and their service too. For sure I will going back here every time I crave for pasta.

How about you? Please share your dining experience on this resto/fast food in the comments box below.

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