Mar 20, 2013

Treffpunkt - German Sausage House

Santolan part in Quezon City is known for the camp of the AFP and PNP but behind this place there is a German Sausage House where you can taste different sausages, Treffpunkt. This restaurant ambiance is a like a resto in Europe that I have seen in the movie. There are a lot of different wines and beer displayed in every corner which are not just the local beers and wines.

The Treffpunkt partnered with one of the buying in the Internet which they offered an Eat All You Can Sausage which is cooked in different styles. Without any hesitation I purchased one and redeemed. I did not had hard time looking for the place because it was just along EDSA in front of the Santolan flyover.
Upon entering the resto you would see the buffet table that has around 6 sausage recipes and a cabbage salad I guess. The waiter served me with an iced tea in a glass with I guess a German brand of beer. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to take a picture of it in the buffet table instead I took the picture of what I have in my plate but please excuse for some of the sauces because I only remembered when I have already eaten some of it.

Buffet table
Iced Tea

Tissue holder
Regarding the taste, honestly speaking I am not really fond of eating sausages so for me I can not really identify it is really a German sausage or not but based on my taste even though they are made with different sauces I feel that it all taste the same because the sausage is over powering the taste of it. After a few spoon of it I immediately feel the "umay" thing so I need to drink some of the iced tea to remove that "umay" because there are other recipes that I need to taste. One of the things that I would suggest to them is to put a name of each sausage recipe so that the customer would have an idea on what food they are eating.
2 Sausage Recipes

Three sausage recipes

Cabbage in sour sauce


Anonymous said...

Treffpunkt is really just for people with appreciation of gourmet sausages. And that cabbage thing you talked about, that's called sauerkraut. It's basically pickled cabbage. It's an acquired taste.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your blog is just downright awful. I'm a fan of German sausages and was hoping to see some helpful reviews regarding Treffpunkt. I ended up wasting three minutes of my life.

Just a suggestion, not to be rude or anything, but if you don't have the capacity to appreciate diverse food selections and everything seems to have the same taste for you, stop blogging about food. You're not credible at all. Let alone your writing skills fail miserably.