Dec 27, 2012

Papa John's Pizza

After I found out that there is a promo in Papa John's Pizza partnered with Citibank I did not hesitate to try it for the second time. Since we are only 2 so we decided to avail their promo for 2 and try it because it was really a good deal.

To have you an idea about the promo with Citibank you can view it from this link. You can choose the flavor of pizza you want, together with the pasta and add the desert too.

                                                           Super Papa's Pizza

There is nothing extra ordinary in their pasta but its not bad at all just the typical pasta. Amount of servings not that much it will be enough for two if they are the people without big appetite. Otherwise I would suggest to buy each per person.

                                                            Sausage Mushroom Sosa     

                                                           Carrot Cake

One thing that makes this different from the other pizza house is the combination of melted butter and bell pepper on their pizza. For the first timer, you would be thinking it a weird thing but when you will give it a try it was a great combination and that makes this Papa's John one of the best pizzas in the Philippines as well.

Melted butter and Green bell pepper

My overall experience in Papa John's is great. I will surely go back here to dine here and try out their other food in their menu.

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