Jan 8, 2013

Belgian Chocolate Dried Mangoes

Last year, there was an ice cream that became famous online because of the belgian chocolate coat around it. And now when I went to Cebu I discovered that this belgian chocolate can also be coated to one of the famous delicacies in Cebu which is the dried mango. This new Cebu pasalubong is being manufacture by Cebu Best in which it can be bought at Cebu Best Pasalubong Atbp store in Salinas Drive. The price is not that cheap because for a 12 pcs of dried mangoes strips it cost around Php 330.00. and for 24pcs it cost for Php 600.00.

Out of my curiosity and bought one box with 12pcs to give it a try. The packaging of the dried mangoes looks very elegant in which you could say that it was not really a cheap product. Upon opening the box, the dried mangoes was being wrapped individually.

I am not really fond of eating chocolate and honestly speaking I can't distinguish the difference of belgian chocolate with the others so for me there is nothing special with the Belgian Chocolate Dried Mangoes it taste just like a dried mango coated with chocolate.

Please share us your experience with this pasalubong in the comment box below.

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Me Food & Travel said...

Chocolate dried mangoes available!!

1 box (20 pcs) P 500 only =)

Very nice and beautiful!

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- Specialty Food Concepts :)