Dec 4, 2012

J.Co Donut - Sharing the J.Co Way

Finally, I get the chance to taste the donut that I am really curious about because everytime I passed by at their store in Megamall branch (the first branch of J.Co in the Philippines) it is always jam packed. At first I could not believe that a lot of consumers are willing to fall in line for an hour just to buy their gourmet donut.

I found out that J.Co donut is originated in Indonesia came here in the Philippines in which the first store was in SM Megamall but now they are starting to expand to different location I believe they have now a store in Trinoma, Greenbelt 3 and SM Mall of Asia.

Upon entering at their store you will smell the donuts and the ambiance is good to hangout with friends over a cup of coffee. There were two sections in the store; the donut section and the beverage section where in you can order the drinks that you would like your donut to be paired. Under the donut section you will see how their donuts are being prepared from the frying of the dough to putting up the flavor top and fillings not by the machine but with their hands (except for the frying part :D)

There are 27 kinds of donuts that you can choose from in which I wish I could be able to try it all unfortunately not all flavors are available. But one thing for sure, their best seller gourmet donut will not be running out which is Alcapone. Alcapone is coated with white chocolate and topped by Almond nuts but for me all their donuts are worth to try. Personally, I loved the Oreology (topped with oreo) and Don Mochino (mocha flavored fillings).

The dough is very soft and even you take it out from the store the dough is still soft unless you will refrigerate it. But based on the instruction you can reheat over the microwave oven for at least 8 seconds and you will have the donut as fresh as from the store.

One thing, that really make me love this J.Co donut is the sweetness of their donut is not too sweet in which for me that makes this donut different from the competitors. I can testify it with my Mom who don't usually eat donut now became a J.Co donut fanatic.

The price of there donut is I think a little bit expensive it cost around 42 pesos if you will be buy it a piece but if you opt to buy a box you will get discounts. A half dozen of donuts cost around 230 pesos, 1 dozen is around 350 pesos and for 2 dozens it will be around 550 pesos only. So the more J.Co donuts you buy the bigger discounts you will have.

How about you what is your favorite J.Co donut flavor? Please share it with us :)

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Anonymous said...

I wish there will be a JCO here in the US!