Oct 18, 2012

Alaska Non-Fat Milk

I went to a dietician and she advised me to drink milk that is low fat or a non-fat drink as part of my daily diet. So I went to the supermarket looking for the milk that is non-fat but I came across to the milk that I always drink even when I was young, Alaska milk. I can even drink a pitcher of milk in just one sitting alone.

Now that I am getting conscious with my health, I need to change my milk to something that is non-fat as advised by my dietician. At first I can't accept that fact that I need to change my milk that I used to drink. Fortunately, I found this non-fat milk from the brand I grew up with, Alaska.

I checked the fat content and the amount of calcium being provided because we all know that as we getting older we also need to have more calcium to make our bone healthy and prevent us from the common bone problem, the osteoporosis. There are a lot of non-fat milk in the market but for me I would still choose Alaska Non-Fat Milk. The things that I really loved with Alaska Milk is that it's a non fat milk like less than 0.5% of fat but high in calcium compare with the other non fat milk in the market. This product is quite expensive, the price range is from 65 pesos to 70 pesos depending in the supermarket. For me even though it's expensive but with the nutrients and mineral and fat being provided I would still be a forever consumer of Alaska Milk because for me... "wala pa rin tatalo sa Alaska" (nothing will beat Alaska).

How about you what is your favorite milk? Please share it in the comment below.

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