Sep 25, 2012

McRAF - Whole Wheat Raisin Cinnamon Bagel

I went to a supermarket and in the bread section I was looking for something different not the usual bread that I eat. Then suddenly I came across on this McRAF Bagels and Bun whole wheat bread. Since I'm a cinnamon lover and it's also healthy because it made from whole wheat, so I decided to try this one but I was too hesistant to buy at first because I find the bread expensive, P105 for 6 pieces of bagel. But still I bought it to experience and to answer the question hanging on my mind on how's the taste of it.

When I opened the pack you will smell the cinnamon aroma and you will say that the bagel is so much enrich with bread "siksik" not the typical bread "puro hangin lang ang loob". The taste is good not that sweet and full of raisins and you can smell the cinnamon in every bite. Its best to partner it with your favorite hot coffee or hot chocolate. For me a piece of bagel is enough to satisfy your hunger. So I can say that you get more than what you paid for... "sulit"!

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