Aug 10, 2012

Earle's Delicatessen - Deli Sandwhich

I am very fortunate, that I was able to purchase a Earle's Delicatessen voucher (of course from a buying site) with 50% discount to taste their sandwhiches which usually I only passed by everytime I walk near my office.

Earle's Delicatessen is famous on serving European sandwhiches especially with deli meats or cold cuts. In my voucher I have the option to choose either the Italian, BLT or Roasted Beef sandwhich unfortunately when I redeemed my voucher BLT is not available since I have already tried Italian sandwhich which the pictures got deleted from my cam anyways so I decided to try the Roasted Beef in french bread.

Upon ordering they will ask you on where do you want it to be served either french bread or sandwhich. To give you a little idea french bread is a long bread that can be sliced in half to make it easier to eat while sandwhich is a slice of a loaf bread (tasty) which is bigger than the load bread we usually see in the supermarket.

When my order arrived, the presentation looks so yummy and appetizing so I did not waste anytime and grab some of it together with tomato ketchup and mustard. I am not really fond of eating meat especially cold cuts but I really loved it. They are very generous with the ingredients from tomato to cucumber to cheese. Since nowadays, milk tea is becoming popular Earle's Deli also offer teas or milk teas which are their new products so I did not missed the chance to taste one of their milk teas so I order Toffee tea which they said its a red tea but stronger in taste. They also said that its one of their best seller. By the way if don't want to drink it with just milk tea, you can add some add ons like pearl by just adding 15 pesos.

All in all my experience in Earle's Delicatessen is great. Great ambiance, smiling staff and yummy food. For sure even I don't have vouchers I will surely go back again here with the price range of their sandwhiches from P140 - P160 I can say that you are getting more than what you pay for.

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