Jul 29, 2012

Red Ribbon - Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Last weekend, I am craving to eat cake but my question was what cake I would buy. I came across the Red Ribbon store and I saw a large tarpaulin with a picture of their new product which is the Ultimate Chocolate cake that cost for 495 pesos. I feel like the cake is calling me and telling me to buy him. (just hallucinating because of the craving.. lol).

So I decided to check it out inside and I found out that there is a smaller version of it that cause for 295 pesos since I am watching my diet and I don't want to deprive myself from eating cake so I just bought the smaller size.

The presentation of the cake you would say that it's really a ultimate chocolate cake because of the icing plus the choco chips that is being filled up on top. Upon slicing, it will display to you that inside of it is not just a plain bread cake but not, there are also chocolate icing which really satisfies your cravings.

I could really say that this cake is not the best cake but one of the cake that would really satisfies your cravings. If you are looking for a chocolate cake then this would be one of my recommendation with the price its really worth it.

By the way, I checked it from the Red Ribbon site and this is there description on this cake.

"Chocolate cake overflowing with pure chocolate taste. Made with melt-in-yout mouth chocolate from the outside to the inside."
Please share your experience with this cake in the comments below.

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