Jul 26, 2012

SamboKojin, The Heaven Kitchen

My friend and I have this planned to try to eat in an "eat all you can" resto in the metro and so we decided to start our adventure in Sambokojin Eastwood branch. Its a combination of Japanese, Korean and Oriental dishes that if you truly fond of then this is the place to be for you. Since, this is my first time to eat here so I did my research about it so I went to their site http://sambokojin.com/ and I found out that the name came from a Japanese Kitchen of God. I also read some blogs who have experienced eating here and most of them advised to make a reservation a day before so you won't have to wait long for a vacant table to dine.

Upon entering the resto, you would see all the foods from Japanese dishes, Korean dishes, Oriental dishes and of course the desserts.

Japanese dishes

Korean/Oriental dishes

Korean/Oriental dishes

Different type of Tempura

I forgot to mention that Sambokojin is a Smokeless Grilled resto where you can choose from a wide variety of grilled foods like meat, vegetables and seafoods.

Raw foods

Raw foods

Raw foods

Raw foods

In every table you will see different set of sauce and seasoning that you can choose from depending on your taste. They have Sambokojin sauce, Takumi sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Chili sauce etc.

Different Sauce with Salt and Pepper

One thing that I have discovered when I did my research was don't missed to taste the Kamameshi rice. This is not being served in the table you would need to ask it from the waiter. Of course eventhough its a basic rule not to eat rice in an eat all you can resto, we let ourselves try to taste the Kamameshi rice and we were not disappointed that we break the rule because the rice is so yummy. The container where it was being served was really caught my attention because it was unique where the main purpose was to preserve the hotness of the rice a little bit longer.

Kamameshi Rice

What is a dinner without the desserts? Yes Sambokojin would not let you down if you love sweets because of their wide varieties of desserts from cakes, ice cream, fresh fruits etc..


Check out the some of the foods in our table that we did not miss to taste.

Overall the experience with Sambokojin was really great because of the delicious foods, friendly staffs, great place and good ambiance. It's a littel bit expensive but worth the price so I can really say that this the place to be for food lovers. Definitely I will come back here. See you soon Sambokojin! :)

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