Jul 12, 2012

Jacob's Shawarma

One afternoon, I get the chance to redeem the Jacob's Shawarma voucher I purchased from a buying site. It's known for there famous long shawarma with 12 inches in size. When I entered the store I noticed that place full of pictures and map of the country Turkey and then I found out that they are serving Turkish Shawarma. I have noticed also that the table setting is quite unique nothing is special but you would feel a different atmosphere.

They have three different type of shawarma you can choose from Chicken, Fish and Lamb and Beef Shawarma. Upon ordering, they will ask you on what level of hotness you would like it to be. I return back the question to the lady and she suggested me to just try the plain one since they will give you hot sauce if you wish so at least you can adjust the level of hotness. One more thing that strikes me the most is they use lemon as part of the sauce and not the typica garlic sauce. At first I feel awkard because I am not used to eat shawarma with lemon. Unfortunately you cannot choose any of the three becuase there is a schedule from Monday Saturday on what type of shawarma they are serving but you can choose what type of bread you would like either wheat or pita. If you are a healthy conscious person then you would only need to add 5 pesos and the bread will be wheat.

My order came in and I tried it with lemon and hot sauce and all I can say is the taste is very good. The lemon blends very well with the shawarma. Did I say that their shawarma has full of ingredients. They are generous with the ingredients veggies and meat/fish so for the regular price of 200 its really worth it.

They have also other food that you can try like baklava which cost around 50 pesos per slice but for me I find it expensive but probably the next time I visit here I will try that one. For drinks they are serving yoghurt as a remedy in case you feel the hotness of their sauce. For the other details on there menu you can check it out in the picture below which has the picture of the owner at back.  By the way, it is located in the heart of Ortigas Center Pasig City near Shell gas station infront of Meralco Center gate.

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