Jul 2, 2012

Kenny Roger's Muffin

Last time, I was in the mall and for don't know reason I'm craving for muffins from Kenny Rogers. Their muffins have different flavor to choose from but most of the time the Corn muffins, Cookies n Cream muffins and Strawberry muffins are available. I remember during Christmas season they have a Fruit cake muffin which I really miss now.

Out of the three flavors, I really love the Cookies n cream not only because of the taste but because of the cookies on top of the muffin which I find it appetizing.

It can be served as is, or with butter, cream cheese or jam but for me I usually pair it with my favorite fruit flavored yogurt.

The  price of a muffin is 15 pesos but if you will buy in box (6 pcs ) it will cost for only 70 pesos which is not bad.

How about you what is your favorite muffin's flavor? Please share it on the comment below. :)

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