Apr 10, 2014

Baker's Hill Hopia - Palawan

Recently we visited Puerto Prinsesa Palawan and we were able to tour around the city and one of the famous tourist spot is the Baker's Hill which based on our tour guide it was just a bakery before then the owner decided to make his place open to the public. Our tour guide said that it was the mini Disneyland in Palawan because of the life size statue.

They said that one of the famous delicacies in Palawan is the Baker's hill hopia. So I never missed to try it. One box of hopia (10 pcs) cost around 45 pesos and they have Mongo and Ube flavor.

Baker's Hill Hopia Mongo

Baker's Hill Hopia Ube

Baker's Hills Hopia Mongo and Ube
That taste is like the typical hopia that you can buy but the only thing that I noticed is that it is full of fillings that is so yummy and tasty. The hopia last for 10 days after you purchase or better check the expiration date in the box.

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