Mar 25, 2014

Vikings - SM Megamall

Vikings SM Megamall branch opened last March 14, 2014 and they have an opening promo of 20% off if you will "like" their Facebook fan page for card or cash transaction. I did not miss out to try this five star hotel like buffet restaurant.

Since, this is my first time to try in Vikings I really don't have idea on what do they offer and I was really surprised with the international food cuisines that they are offering.



Seafoods for grilling

Meat for grilling

Mussels for grilling

Japanese foods

Japanese foods

This five star hotel like restaurant is not only an Eat All You Can but also an Drink All You Can. They have different kinds of drinks to offer from hot drinks such as coffee, espresso, cappucino or tea to cold such as juices, tea, fruit shakes and chocolate shake. They even have beers and wines for those who love alcoholic drinks.

They have a lot of desserts from cakes, ice cream, crepes, donuts, brownies, chocolate fondue and of course our all time favorites Filipinos sweets such as leche flan, and halo-halo and native delicacies such sapin sapin, cassava and bibingka etc.

They still have the Birthday promo that if you will eat at your birthday you will be free as long as you have at least one full paying adult.

Overall my dine in experience is not just 5 stars but 10 stars of 10. All my cravings were been satisfied here and for sure I will come back here soon but for now I have to burn out all the calories taken :)


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