Feb 23, 2012

Barbara's Restaurant in Intramuros

Barbara's restaurant located in Intramuros had been partnered with one of the buying site to provide a very good deal which has an eat all you can promo for250 pesos only so me and my colleague can't resist to purchase it. And finally we decided to redeem the voucher last February 20, 2012 which is a good thing that they extended the promo redemption period. Upon entering the resto there will be an usher from the door who will assist you from the checking of the reservation and providing the table number where you are supposed to sit.

The ambiance of the place is like you are not in the present time because it is like you are in a house model during the Spaniards era with matching Ushers in a "Maria Clara" outfit. In the middle of the restaurant there is a stage where in at exactly 8pm a cultural dance will be performed by a group of students while the customers are eating with candle at the table. After the students performed they will look for some audience to try to dance the basic steps of Tinikling and you will also be given a chance to take a picture with them as a souvenir. Just take note that they will ask for some tip after their performance since I guess is fine because it seems that they are not being paid to present in the resto.

The foods are delicious and we are not disappointed just like what I have read in the comments from those who previously availed the promo. The soup is just ordinary for my taste it is just the usual soup being offered in a resto. There were 4 viands availabe for vegetable they have Ubod na Hubad (its the Lumpiang Sariwa without the Lumpia wrapper) with the peanut sauce, they also have Fish Fillet for fish, and for meat they have Grilled Chicken Peppered that comes with a tomato and mango salso as the sauce which at first it is awkard but when I taste it, it blends very well and a Pot Roast Beef which is very well cooked. They also serve Seafood pasta that is very much like asian style pasta. For the desserts, they have Banana cue without the stick, Gulaman with fruits and brownies which are very much like. That's not all they also have a Vegetable salad that comes with mango, tomato, lettuce and cucumber with vinegar and shrimp paste as the sauce and for the taste.

Overall, the experience eating in Barbara's restaurant is very memorable and educational because it will not only satisfies your hungry stomach but also your mind with full of cultural information about folk dances. If I do have a foreigner friend or visitor I will definitely suggest to bring them here so they would know how beautiful our Philippine culture is.

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kapamilya_sb said...

great! i am really looking for a good resto to bring my balikbayan visitors.