Oct 9, 2011

Five Guys - The Number One Burger

We went to Five Guys burger store today to try their famous burger. Upon entering the restaurant you would see a  lot of box contains peanut that the customer can eat while they are waiting for their order to be served.
Five Guys is serving burgers, hotdogs and sandwhiches together with fries and refillable drinks. I ordered Cheeseburger with regular fries and rootbeer. Of course while we are waiting for our order we did not miss the chance to taste the peanut.

The peanut that they are serving is quite different from the one we usually saw in the bus or street being selled by the streetvendor. Their boiled peanut has something taste that comes from the powder that I can't explain which taste like the peanut cracker being sold in the supermarket.

Did I mention also that you can choose what toppings do you want to put in your burger. Just say "All the way" and all the toppings will be put in your burger. The price of their burger range from $5.60 to 7$ and if you want to have fries and drink then you would need to add around $5 more depending on what size you would like.
Five Guys has been voted as the number one burger for 7 years by Washingtonian Magazine which really makes this famous. You may check out their site http://www.fiveguys.com/ for the complete list of their menu and more information about their store.

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