Sep 16, 2011

Mc Donald's New Chicken Premium Ranch BLT

I had my lunch in one of the leading fast foods chain in the US, McDonald. I ordered one of there new Chicken Premium sandwhiches, the Chicken Ranch BLT. The main ingredients are chicken breast fillet and BLT which stands for Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. Did I mentioned that you can choose if you want your chicken to be crispy or grilled? Yes you heard it right! Its good to know that McDonald in the US would allow there costumer to choose on how your chicken to be cooked. The price for the Chicken Premium Ranch BLT sandwhich alone is around $4.29 but if you want it to have medium french fries and soda (value meal) this will cost around $7.

You will taste the crispiness of the bacon, freshness of the tomato and lettuce and juiciness of the grilled chicken fillet that makes this sandwhich so good and tasteful. The price is fair enough because of the huge serving they have for their sandwhich. I would surely try to taste their other new Chicken Premium sandwhiches which are Chicken Premium Club and Chicken Premium Classic next time.

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