Sep 16, 2011

Fat Burger, Big Fat Deal

One of the burger stores that I will never forget during my stay in the US is the Fat Burger. They have different sizes of burgers to choose from. They have it from small size burger upto XXXL burger which cost around $10. They also offer Big Fat deals which comes with fries and soda which cost around $10 depending on the size of the burger you would like. Fat Burger also offers different options for the side dish like onion rings instead of fries but it comes with additional dollar and 2 quarters, you can also choose either big fries or small fries.If you don't like soda you also have option to choose fruit shakes but samething with onion rings there is additional cost.

 The burger patty is so juicy that you will really love with every bite. If you want to know more about theire menu, you may check out their site

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