Oct 28, 2019

Kirei Yummy Flakes

During my childhood days Kirei is one of my favorite junk foods and I was surprised to found out that there is a new flavor, the spicy shrimp flavor.

The spiciness is mild for me but the original shrimp flavor is overpowered by the spiciness of it. The taste is almost the same as the Oishi extra spicy flavor. Overall, I would still prefer the original one. 

May 12, 2017

Loleng's Hutieu-an

This summer 2017, our family decided to spend the family outing at Morong, Bataan. Upon doing some research one of the restos that is highly recommended to visit is the Loleng's Hutieu-an so we make sure that this will be included in our itinerary. We will be having our breakfast here so we can sip a hot soup even the heat is on. :)

We observed that there are a lot of Hutieu-an resto around the town but the Loleng's Hutieu-an has a lot of customer which we are not surprised and  it increase the excitement to taste it. There are a lot in their menu from Vietnamese food to Filipino food. The price is very cheap compared to what we have here in Manila. The price range from 50 to 100 pesos. Most of us ordered the Vietnamese food in which they became famous.

The Seafood Hutieu is the one, I ordered but they have different variation of it such Beef Hutieu. The taste is different from the normal hot soup that we eat since this is my first time to try Vietnamese noodle soup I can't compare it to the one in Manila but all I can say I love it! For sure, if there is a chance to come back I will definitely visit it again.

I also tried their Banh Mi which is a Vietnamese sandwhich which cost at 50 pesos only.  At first, I am not excited to try because I'm expecting the normal taste of chicken sandwhich that we eat but again I am surprised with the taste as it is different from the norm and again I like the taste. One order can be shared for two with partnered Hutieu but of course there is an exception for person with big appetite.

The last one I tried is there Bun Cha Gio which is fried lumpia with vegetables. I would recommend it as well because of the sauce. It's a combination of the sourness with sweetness that blends perfectly.

So if you will be visiting Morong, Bataan don't forget to drop by to Loleng's Hutieu-an as it will satisfy your cravings that will not get harm with your wallet.

Oct 23, 2016

Mc Donald's McSpicy Chicken Burger

After a stressful day at work, I decided to try the Mc Donald's McSpicy Chicken burger partnered with their famous fries and Mc Cafe coffee.

McSpicy Chicken burger with fries and coffee.
The chicken patty is crunchy and would really taste the "spicyness" in every bite. For those who are not fond of spicy food beware of it but for me as spicy and chicken lover I enjoyed it a lot. 

McSpicy Chicken burger box

Definitely I would try it again and hopefully it will be part of the Mc Donald's regular menu.

Oct 14, 2016

Mister Donut Ube Cake donut

There are a lot of posts in social media that make me curious about the new donut that Mister Donut promoted, which is the cake donut.

As a food lover I did not miss the chance to try this out. There are a lot of cake donut flavors but for now let me try first the Ube flavor which is one of the favorites. Honestly speaking, I am not really fan of Mister Donut but with the Ube cake donut it surprised that it was tasty and the bread is not dry. You can really taste the ube flavor which really makes this cake donut "Ubeloaded".

Ube cake donut

Apr 10, 2014

Baker's Hill Hopia - Palawan

Recently we visited Puerto Prinsesa Palawan and we were able to tour around the city and one of the famous tourist spot is the Baker's Hill which based on our tour guide it was just a bakery before then the owner decided to make his place open to the public. Our tour guide said that it was the mini Disneyland in Palawan because of the life size statue.

They said that one of the famous delicacies in Palawan is the Baker's hill hopia. So I never missed to try it. One box of hopia (10 pcs) cost around 45 pesos and they have Mongo and Ube flavor.

Baker's Hill Hopia Mongo

Baker's Hill Hopia Ube

Baker's Hills Hopia Mongo and Ube
That taste is like the typical hopia that you can buy but the only thing that I noticed is that it is full of fillings that is so yummy and tasty. The hopia last for 10 days after you purchase or better check the expiration date in the box.

Mar 25, 2014

Vikings - SM Megamall

Vikings SM Megamall branch opened last March 14, 2014 and they have an opening promo of 20% off if you will "like" their Facebook fan page for card or cash transaction. I did not miss out to try this five star hotel like buffet restaurant.

Since, this is my first time to try in Vikings I really don't have idea on what do they offer and I was really surprised with the international food cuisines that they are offering.



Seafoods for grilling

Meat for grilling

Mussels for grilling

Japanese foods

Japanese foods

This five star hotel like restaurant is not only an Eat All You Can but also an Drink All You Can. They have different kinds of drinks to offer from hot drinks such as coffee, espresso, cappucino or tea to cold such as juices, tea, fruit shakes and chocolate shake. They even have beers and wines for those who love alcoholic drinks.

They have a lot of desserts from cakes, ice cream, crepes, donuts, brownies, chocolate fondue and of course our all time favorites Filipinos sweets such as leche flan, and halo-halo and native delicacies such sapin sapin, cassava and bibingka etc.

They still have the Birthday promo that if you will eat at your birthday you will be free as long as you have at least one full paying adult.

Overall my dine in experience is not just 5 stars but 10 stars of 10. All my cravings were been satisfied here and for sure I will come back here soon but for now I have to burn out all the calories taken :)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vikingssmmegamall
Site: vikings.ph

Mar 17, 2014

House of Lasagna

Since I am a lasagna fanatic so I did not miss to try out this one of the lasagna restos that serves one of the  best lasagnas in the country. Which even rated as Top 1 in the Top Ten List of Meat  Lasagnas by Spot.ph last April 2012. Chef Erick is the person behind the success in giving good food for the customers of the House of Lasagna.

VMall Greenhills branch
They served different kinds of lasagna based on your cravings such as Beef Lasagna, Chicken Lasagna, Pesto Lasagna, Seafood Lasagna, Creamy Carbonara Lasagna etc. which comes with unlimited garlic bread.

Beef Lasagna - P250

Seafood Lasagna - P280
Bubble Iced Tea - P55

After a good lasagna and garlic bread it should end with a mouthwatering dessert.

Blueberry Cheesecake - P110

Oreo Cheesecake - P100
The House of Lasagna also served appetizers and rice meals for some who would still go with a rice for lunch or dinner.

Overall, I will give this restaurant a 9 stars out of 10 for their very delicious and big serving of lasagna which comes with a very affordable price. The cheesecake is not too sweet and will not make you feel "umay". For their iced tea for me is just like the ordinary iced tea that only comes with bubble on the top but still worth to try.

Location: Unit 1-B G/F G&L Bldg., J.Abad Santos St. cor. V.Cruz St. Little Baguio, San Juan Citiy M.M.
               Vmall Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan City M.M

Facebook page : House of Lasagna