May 12, 2017

Loleng's Hutieu-an

This summer 2017, our family decided to spend the family outing at Morong, Bataan. Upon doing some research one of the restos that is highly recommended to visit is the Loleng's Hutieu-an so we make sure that this will be included in our itinerary. We will be having our breakfast here so we can sip a hot soup even the heat is on. :)

We observed that there are a lot of Hutieu-an resto around the town but the Loleng's Hutieu-an has a lot of customer which we are not surprised and  it increase the excitement to taste it. There are a lot in their menu from Vietnamese food to Filipino food. The price is very cheap compared to what we have here in Manila. The price range from 50 to 100 pesos. Most of us ordered the Vietnamese food in which they became famous.

The Seafood Hutieu is the one, I ordered but they have different variation of it such Beef Hutieu. The taste is different from the normal hot soup that we eat since this is my first time to try Vietnamese noodle soup I can't compare it to the one in Manila but all I can say I love it! For sure, if there is a chance to come back I will definitely visit it again.

I also tried their Banh Mi which is a Vietnamese sandwhich which cost at 50 pesos only.  At first, I am not excited to try because I'm expecting the normal taste of chicken sandwhich that we eat but again I am surprised with the taste as it is different from the norm and again I like the taste. One order can be shared for two with partnered Hutieu but of course there is an exception for person with big appetite.

The last one I tried is there Bun Cha Gio which is fried lumpia with vegetables. I would recommend it as well because of the sauce. It's a combination of the sourness with sweetness that blends perfectly.

So if you will be visiting Morong, Bataan don't forget to drop by to Loleng's Hutieu-an as it will satisfy your cravings that will not get harm with your wallet.

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